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Game-by-game predictions for the rest of Cowboys 2019 schedule

How will the rest of the Cowboys season go? Glad you asked.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

When the Cowboys schedule game out, there was a general consensus that the first part of the schedule would be somewhat soft, with a stretch in the latter part being particularly brutal. The stretch from the Patriots on the road, through to the Eagles on the road, with the Bills, Bears and Rams sandwiched in between was considered the make-or-break stretch for the team. That was before we played any games. Now that we’re almost halfway through the season, how does the Cowboys’ remaining schedule shape up? Let’s take a look.

@ Giants 2-6: New York made it’s change from Eli Manning to rookie Daniel Jones and saw a little boost in their production. They managed a couple of victories over struggling teams (Tampa Bay, Washington), but have since lost four straight. With the return of Saquon Barley the team has been competitive in their last two games, putting up 21 and 26 points, but came out on the losing end to two middle-of-the-road teams in Arizona and Detroit. This is a game the Cowboys should win if they want to be a playoff team, so let’s put them at 5-3 after the Monday night clash.

Vikings 6-2: The Vikings looked like a lost team early in the year, with the Kirk Cousins jokes everywhere. They have since gone on a four-game winning streak, although the competition in that stretch has been mediocre to bad. The best team they defeated was probably the Eagles, a team the Cowboys also demolished. So they are winning, but their competition has been suspect. With Dallas hosting this game, we’ll go ahead and give them the edge. Cowboys 6-3 after this game.

@ Lions 3-3-1: Detroit is a wildly inconsistent team. Sometimes they can look very good, like when they destroyed the Eagles and hung tough with the Chiefs and Packers, other times they look like a mediocre-to-bad bunch by tying with Arizona or barely beating the Giants. This is a road game for Dallas, but they still get the nod. Dallas gets on a three-game win streak and goes to 7-3.

@ Patriots 8-0: Um, yeah. Dallas drops to 7-4.

Bills 5-2: This is the Thanksgiving Day game. While the Bills currently sport a 5-2 record, that might be misleading. Look at who they have beat - Jets, Giants, Bengals, Titans and Dolphins. Only the Titans are an okay team, the rest stink (yes, the Jets beat Dallas, but they still stink). The Cowboys are at home, the Bills are overrated, Cowboys go 8-4.

@ Bears 3-4: The Bears currently sit in last place in the NFC North. Their offense is abysmal. Mitchell Trubisky is looking like a mistake. Their signature win is over the Vikings, but the other two victories are woeful Denver and Washington. Even though this is a road game in cold Chicago, Dallas is still the pick. Cowboys are 9-4.

Rams 5-3: This year’s Rams are not last year’s Rams. They sport a winning record but haven’t been as explosive. After a three-game losing streak, they stacked two wins together, but those were against the Falcons and the Bengals. Still, the Cowboys slip up at home and drop one to sit at 9-5.

@ Eagles 4-4: It will all come down to this. By this time in the season, the Cowboys will be leading the Eagles but will need this win to close it out and take the NFC East. It won’t be easy, but they will get the job done and take the division at 10-5 with one game to go.

Washington 1-7: Having won the division, the Cowboys sit most of their stars and allow Washington to salvage some pride with an end-of-season win. Cowboys finish 10-6.

How do you see the rest of the season going?

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