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NFL Trade Rumors: Cowboys doing due diligence on cornerbacks, defensive linemen, and at safety

Will there be a move by the Cowboys?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is today, Tuesday, October 29th, at 4 pm ET, and as a result there are a lot of fan bases hoping that their team pulls off something fun in the eleventh hour.

Of course, the Dallas Cowboys did indeed pull off a trade already as last Thursday they traded for defensive end Michael Bennett. While that’s a notable addition to the team’s platoon of pass rushers there are still other points on the team that can use some help.

Which points of the Cowboys roster could use a boost, you ask? The answer really lies all across the defensive side of the ball and thankfully, according to NFL Network, that’s exactly where the Cowboys are looking.

Jane Slater reporting that the cost has been too high at safety does take some wind out of many people’s Jamal Adams sails, but nothing is ever over until it’s truly over. There is still about half of the work day left for the Cowboys to find their answer, and there are a lot of avenues worth exploring.

Who would make you happy?

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