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NFL Trade Rumors: Cowboys have touched base with New York Jets on trade for safety Jamal Adams

Reports are coming in that the Cowboys are at least talking about a certain Jets safety.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brace yourselves, people. There is hope for Jamal Adams.

For the longest time the Dallas Cowboys have been trying to find an answer at safety. Everybody thought it would be Earl Thomas after he chased down Jason Garrett on Christmas Eve two years ago, but that never fully materialized. Dreams were dashed.

Like a phoenix rising from flames, Jamal Adams has become the top option for Cowboys fans everywhere. While the dream seemed like just that, a dream, there is legitimate life to it. According to NFL Network, the Cowboys have had legitimate discussions with the Jets ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Any compensation for Jamal Adams would likely have to involve a first-round pick. Obviously the Cowboys gave up their first-rounder just a year ago in order to acquire Amari Cooper and we all saw how that worked out.

Stay tuned to BTB this fine Tuesday. Things could get wild.

Update: 2:05pm ET

Apparently the price for Adams exceed what the Miami Dolphins got in return for Minkah Fitzpatrick.

For what it’s worth here were the trade terms between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins over that deal.

Steelers received:
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick
  • 2020 fourth-round pick
  • 2021 seventh-round pick
Dolphins received:
  • 2020 first-round pick
  • 2020 fifth-round pick
  • 2021 sixth-round pick

Would you give up more than that?

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