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NFL Trade Deadline: Cowboys don’t meet asking price for New York Jets safety Jamal Adams

Sometimes you have to know when to say no; the Cowboys did that.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere spent the better part of Tuesday afternoon on Jamal Adams watch. There are few things as riveting as thinking that you’re going to land a star player.

The trade deadline a year ago provided for some fireworks as the Cowboys were able to land wide receiver Amari Cooper, a move that saved their season and turned them into legitimate contenders. It was thought that Adams could provide a similar sort of spark to the team, but it appears as if the New York Jets just wanted too much.

Albert Breer had also reported that the Jets wanted more than what the Dolphins received for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Coming close to a Jalen Ramsey price would have been tough.

Jacksonville Jaguars compensation for Jalen Ramsey

  • 2020 first-round pick
  • 2021 first-round pick
  • 2021 fourth-round pick

Of course, if you’re trading your first-round picks for 24-year-old All-Pros, then the moves are a lot easier to stomach, but clearly the Cowboys felt that something like that was too much to give up for Jamal Adams.

It’s possible that the Cowboys and Jets strike a deal in the offseason for Adams. 2020 will be the fourth-year of his rookie contract so there would still be a lot of reason to want him, and considering that they put almost their entire team on the trade block it stands to reason that the Jets would stay in rebuilding mode for some times.

Remember that the Cowboys are still 4-3 and in first place in the NFC East. They didn’t get Jamal Adams, but they’re still very good.

Update: 4:20pm ET

The Cowboys offered a first-round pick for Jamal Adams, according to the Dallas Morning News.

They tried.

Update: 6:01pm ET

The New York Jets wanted a first- and two second-round picks for Jamal Adams.

Yea... no thanks to that.

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