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Establishing where the Cowboys are at heading into their Week 5 matchup against Green Bay

Who are the 3-1 Cowboys?

In spite of their 3-1 record a lot of people are wondering exactly who the 2019 Dallas Cowboys are.

Are they the team that marched to tons of offensive success in the season’s first three games against the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins? Or are they pretenders that benefited from weaker opponents to open the season, a point that may or may not have been proven on the road against the New Orleans Saints?

There’s a lot of necessary context for the current version of America’s Team and that’s what we discussed in the latest video on the official Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. We pump out weekly content here, things like game recaps and film reviews, so make sure to subscribe to it so that you don’t miss a single thing. You can subscribe right here.

Sunday is going to be a big test for the Cowboys as they’ll take on a team in the Green Bay Packers that will really prove as a litmus test for them. We’ll have our context once and for all come Sunday night.

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