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Report: Opposing teams studying Kellen Moore’s time at Boise State which is helping them defensively

NFL teams are always doing their homework, and that includes Kellen Moore’s college days.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are riding a two-game losing streak. It’s often in times like these that things feel the most stressful. Life was great when the Cowboys were winners of three in a row having beaten the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins. The tide has turned over the last eight days.

That shift obviously includes the losses that Dallas had to the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers. Both of those teams appear to be among the elites in the NFC so they were definitely going to be more difficult games, but still, losing is not fun.

There are a lot of questions as to what started this for the Cowboys. Many people attributed the team’s poor performance in the Big Easy to being an aberration of sorts, plus there’s no question that the Saints were well-prepared.

How prepared was New Orleans, though? According to NFL Network they went back and watched film of Kellen Moore’s time at Boise State to more properly understand the current Cowboys offense. Considering how flat Dallas was against them, seems like it worked.

Steve Wyche: “Here’s a little nugget. I was just with the Saints. Players told me when they played the Cowboys two weeks ago, they went back to look at Boise State tape when Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore played quarterback there. And they saw some of the hand gestures and some of the things that he liked to do at Boise that he’s incorporated into the Cowboys offense, and they were able to pick up some tendencies from that so now maybe there are some teams getting a read on what Kellen Moore likes to do. And that may be a part of the reason why Dak hasn’t had it so easy the past two weeks.”

While it’s certainly not impossible to believe that this is what happened to the Cowboys in New Orleans, it doesn’t totally answer why they were so bad against Green Bay. Sure, the Cowboys didn’t score in the first half, but they were moving the ball with success. They just kept shooting themselves in the foot and ruining their drives.

Plus, Dallas partly lost due to their defense not being able to stop Packers running back Aaron Jones. Now Wyche’s point is that Kellen’s Boise offense being studied could be what has hindered Dak over the last two weeks, but again, Dak was moving the ball quite well and had success in the second half on Sunday.

It’s definitely concerning to think that NFL teams may have “figured out” Kellen Moore, but we’re still so early in this process that it’s impossible to know what they know. Heck, it’s impossible for there to be enough of Moore to even figure out.

Still though, food for thought.

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