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Play of the Game against Green Bay: Michael Gallup is a star

The Cowboys have found a quality player in wide receiver in Michael Gallup.

Unfortunately the Cowboys lost their second game in a row as they fell 34-24 to the Green Bay Packers last week. They were shut out in the first half of the game, but late in the third quarter something changed. After falling down 31-3, the Cowboys woke up and were able to mount a comeback making the game competitive until the very end. It was a deep touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to Michael Gallup that served as the catalyst for giving the Cowboys new life.

Dallas had second and four on the Green Bay 40-yard line. They came out in a 2x2 formation, with two wide receivers spread out to the left, two more spread out to the right, and a single back joining Prescott in the shotgun.

The Packers appeared to be in a 2-high look, but on the snap Josh Jackson who was lined up as a safety to the offense’s right turned and ran into the middle of the field. This put the Packers in Cover 1 with veteran cornerback Tramon Williams matched up with Gallup man-to-man.

After running six yards up the field, Gallup chopped his feet and flashed his shoulders to the inside. This caused Williams to freeze, when Gallup started again vertically he was able to quickly eat up Williams’ cushion.

Prescott stayed poised but did not have a clean pocket. He was hit as he threw and not able to step into the throw. This caused the ball to come farther inside then he had planned.

Gallup made an incredible adjustment, coming back underneath Williams while tracking the ball. Williams was not able to adjust in time. He went to make a play on the ball with his left hand, but came up just short.

Jackson came in from the middle of the field and jumped on Gallup’s back, but it was too late. Gallup was in the endzone.

This was a great play sparked the Cowboys attempted comeback and that is why it is the Cowboys Week 5 Play of the Game.

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