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Here’s what Michael Bennett brings to the Dallas Cowboys

It’s almost time to see the Cowboys’ new defensive end.

The Cowboys are not being complacent as the trade deadline nears and made a move to improve the pass rush by acquiring defensive lineman Michael Bennett from the New England Patriots.

Bennett, of course, was a big part of the Seahawks Super Bowl teams as a defensive end. Bennett has been an excellent pass rusher throughout his career, recording seven or more sacks in six seasons, including a nine-sack season year in 2018.

So far this season he has recorded 2.5 sacks. Let’s take a look at a couple of those plays to get an idea of Bennett’s skillset.

In the fourth quarter of the Patriots Week 2 game they had the Miami Dolphins in third and 10 on the 40-yard line.

Bennett lined up directly over right tackle J’Marcus Webb, but titled in towards right guard Danny Isidora.

Bennett draws the block of Isidora, but clubs him with his left hand and rips past him with his right then engages with Webb.

This stunt was designed to get Bennett on the edge to contain the passer while drawing the attention of the guard and tackle creating the opportunity for John Simon to get the sack as he loops to the inside.

Bennett however is so strong that after securing the edge he is able to bench press Webb deep into the pocket and come off for the sack. He shows excellent strength and hip flexibility as he brings down Josh Rosen for a 13-yard loss.

Next play

The Redskins were in first and 10 on their own 27-yard line on the last play of the third quarter in their Week 5 matchup with the Patriots. This time Bennett lined up outside shade of the right tackle, but he stunted into the B gap leaving Kyle Van Noy to rush outside.

Bennett shows great speed off of the line and excellent hand usage. As the guard attempts to block him, Bennett chops down on the guard’s hands with his right hand and accelerates towards Colt McCoy. Together, Bennett and Dante Hightower bring down the quarterback for a sack and a loss of nine yards.

Michael Bennett was an excellent acquisition for the Cowboys.

He is a movable piece for this defensive line who has great strength and quickness and an excellent array of pass rush moves.

He could play a major part in the Cowboys success in the rest of the season.

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