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Jason Garrett discusses Trysten Hill’s issues and pass interference challenges

Coach Garrett speaks to the media.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Cowboys are prepping for their second meeting of the year with the New York Giants. That game will be on Monday night. Coach Jason Garrett met with the media to discuss the state of the Cowboys. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Success recently against division opponents

Coach Jason Garrett wasn’t willing to look back at the Cowboys recent success in the division, instead choosing to focus on the future. He wanted to talk about their preparations for today, tomorrow and on. He did say that winning in the division is important.

Expectations for Giants new player Leonard Williams

Coach simply stated he’s a very good player and that the Giants will get him into the mix.

Are limited practices for the offensive linemen just maintenance?

Coach said they should all be doing something in practice today except for Cam Fleming. He noted that with the injuries they need to get them enough work in practice while being aware of the injuries.

Dak Prescott has continued to improve at reading defenses

The fourth-year quarterback continues to grow and evolve and that’s something that Jason Garrett echoed. He noted that you have to learn from mistakes, especially at quarterback. There’s a lot of information to compartmentalize and Dak continues to progress there.

Cowboys personalities are very professional

Asked to describe the personalities of the Cowboys receivers, Jason Garrett noted that the team is very professional.

Approach to pass interference challenges

Jason Garrett has challenged pass interference and been unsuccessful just like most head coaches. He noted that it’s all been described to him in detail but that it’s going to take “some really clear and really obvious” evidence to overturn that. He said it’s been described as regular challenges are like overcoming a 4-foot ladder, and pass interference challenges are an 8-foot ladder to overcome. Asked why they aren’t the same as any other challenge, he simply said that question should be asked to the people in charge of that.

Troubled by Trysten Hill?

With recent reports about Hill’s behavior, coach said that he’s a player that needs to grow and become a professional. He said that it is their job to help him grow.

Amari Cooper is doing better and better with his injuries

Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper is doing better coming back from injury and the Cowboys anticipate him going fully on Friday like he did yesterday.

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