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Randall Cobb’s touchdown against the Vikings was absolutely unreal

Let’s take a look at an amazing Cowboys touchdown.

Just after the two-minute warning in the first half of the Cowboys matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, they were facing third and seven on the 22-yard line. After falling behind by 14 points to start the game, a touchdown here would tie the game for the Cowboys.

They came out in an empty formation with two receivers spread out to the left, three receivers spread out to the right and no one but quarterback Dak Prescott in the backfield.

The Vikings walked two players up into the A gaps - showing a double A-Gap blitz. On the snap, one of these players blitzed along with the four down linemen, while the second hung back spying Prescott for a potential QB Draw.

This left only five players on defense to cover the Cowboys receivers man-to-man.

Defensive end Danielle Hunter came free off of the edge, so Prescott had to act fast.

Randall Cobb was the number two receiver to Prescott’s right. He released to the outside and ran a vertical route against cornerback Mackensie Alexander.

Alexander’s coverage was good, but Prescott’s throw was better.

Prescott dropped the ball in over Alexander where Cobb made an incredible finger-tip catch.

This was an amazing play for both Prescott and Cobb and was an obvious choice for Cowboys Play of the Game.

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