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This hasn’t been Jason Garrett’s best week

The Cowboys coach has had some interesting things to say this week.

The week following the loss to the Minnesota Vikings has been a strange one for Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Strange in a variety of ways.

Obviously when you lose things are going to be rough; however, it’s the way that Garrett has handled the aftermath of the loss that is a bit different from the norm. Typically Jason Garrett is very poised and handles the media well. Since losing to the Vikings he’s fumbled things a bit and just about contradicted himself in some respects.

We discussed the week that was for Jason Garrett in the latest video for the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. We’re pumping out content over here multiple times a week so make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing. We have discussions like this as well as film breakdowns and other sorts of studies.

The Cowboys need a win this week in Detroit. Badly.

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