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Jason Garrett notes Dak Prescott is reading defenses better and is making great decisions

Coach Garrett with the Cowboys update.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Garrett gathered with the press to discuss the Dallas Cowboys and their upcoming game with the Detroit Lions. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Slow starts

Jason Garrett was firm in noting that it’s a point of emphasis to fix the slow starts. He talked about how this is about consistent execution and that the Cowboys reach a point where they do things well with regards to moving the ball but that turnovers or negative plays stop them. He noted that they want to emphasize execution throughout the game.

Balancing Dak’s running and passing abilities

Coach noted that Dak Prescott is a good system quarterback who does a good job of reading defenses and moving through progressions. He mentioned Prescott’s abilities to move are something that you certainly want to use, he highlighted his read-option abilities and zone-read things, and said that the quarterback has very good judgment.

Commonality between Miami and Detroit

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia both came from the New England Patriots system. Jason Garrett noted this isn’t too big of a deal and that they’re focused on Detroit.

Zack Marin and La’el Collins status

Coach said that both would be limited if they do anything, and that Zack may do a little more in individual drills.

Being good all around

Asked how the Cowboys handle either run blocking or pass blocking not being up to par during a game, Jason Garrett noted that you never feel like everything is great. He said that there’s always room to improve and try to get better.

Michael Bennett will be back today

Jason Garrett said he had a family situation on Wednesday, thus his absence.

Wearing pads on Wednesday

The Cowboys wore pads on Wednesday and when asked why the Cowboys did that, Jason Garrett said that the team always wears pads on Wednesday. When pressed on why the Cowboys didn’t do that last week Jason Garrett noted that the team had played on Monday night the week before.

Jeff Heath’s shoulder

Jason Garrett said this is a “we’ll see” situation.

C.J. Goodwin

Coach is hopeful he can do something today, said he banged up his knee in the last game and couldn’t get it warmed-up yesterday.

League of parity

Asked if he feels like the Cowboys have a roster that is better than a 5-4 record, Jason Garrett said the team is simply focused on getting better.

Adjusting for Amari Cooper

Cooper has had injury issues all season and Jason Garrett noted that sometimes you have players that you have to adjust to throughout the season. This has been the case for Amari and Garrett did add that the most important three hours are on Sunday so you do what you can to get there ready to roll.

Danny Amendola

The Lions have a wide receiver in Danny Amendola who has had a lot of success in the NFL, namely with the New England Patriots. Jason Garrett reflected on when Amendola was on the Cowboys practice squad and noted that they wished they could have kept them but that he got an opportunity elsewhere and they aren’t surprised by how well he’s played.

Leighton Vander Esch has done a good job

The head coach said the second-year linebacker has handled all of the injuries and situations well this season. He added that Leighton is mentally tough and gets himself ready to go and be productive.

Dak is getting through his reads faster

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia said that he’s noticed this season that Dak is getting through his reads quicker. Jason Garrett agreed with this and said that Dak continues to grow as a player and that experience is giving him a better read on defenses. He added that Dak is very decisive and throws the ball with conviction.

The Matthew Stafford situation “is what it is”

It’s still unknown whether or not the Lions will have quarterback Matthew Stafford this week. Jason Garrett spoke highly of Stafford and said that the Cowboys have to be prepared to play for whoever they draw.

Cowboys were impressed by Jeff Driskel

The Cowboys had Jeff Driskel, the Lions backup quarterback, on their roster at the Senior Bowl in 2016. Jason Garrett said they were very impressed by him back then.

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