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Jason Garrett optimistic on La’el Collins and Zack Martin playing

Coach Garrett meets with the press for the final time this week.

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One more go around for Jason Garrett and the press this week as the Cowboys prepare for the game with the Detroit Lions. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

La’el Collins health update

We do anticipate him doing something today but will be limited.

Amari Cooper helath update

He did something yesterday, he will probably be limited today, we’re hopeful about his progress.

Will La’el Collins and Zack Martin be able to play

We just have to see how they do today, but we’re optimistic on those guys.

Jeff Heath health status

We’ll have to see today, we will take that into the weekend and decide.

Have you been preparing this week as if Matthew Stafford can’t go?

Until it’s definitive you have to be ready for anything. QB is a more impactful position, if the QBs styles are different, etc. We saw Jeff Driskel last week so we hone in on that but have to be prepared for any situation.

Jerry Jones confirmed the team is not sending a rep to Colin Kaepernick workout, is that a confidence thing in Cooper Rush?

We like our young guys, we want to develop them, we can watch video of the workout after it’s done.

Why not send a rep?

Personnel guys make those decisions.

Surprised Kaepernick is not in the league?

I’m just focused on Sunday’s game.

Offensive production is up overall but in losses there have been some issues.

It’s a different thing in different situations causing that, not just one overarching theme. Obviously the redzone is important.

Darius Slay

A good cover corner with great feel and instinct, the rest of the secondary are active players who make plays, they play man and zone, I have great respect for them.

What does Lions defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni mean to you as a coach?

I loved him, he’s a special guy and a dear friend, great coach. I feel fortunate to be around him, he’s an old-school coach, a bright guy. I learned so much from him, you just listen to him and benefit. His head coaching experience had an impact on me but just who he is, his values and more, it was important to us.

I’ve known him a long time and he had a big impact on me, and his values and what he instills in his units and the team. I just listened to him, he’s been valuable resource.

Amari Cooper’s temperament, he just acts the same after those amazing sideline catches

That’s his demeanor in life, he just a pro. There will be ups and downs but he stays mentally tough and stays consistent. He has had a lot of success with us but he stays the same, he processes it and moves on to the next play. He’s a quiet leader on our team.

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