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Dak Prescott is likely going to shatter his previous season highs in various categories

2019 has been good for Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dak Prescott has been on fire all season long from a statistical perspective. His team is “only” 6-4 through 10 games, but they certainly look like the best one in their division and that’s of course good enough for a ticket to the playoffs.

It’s interesting that Dak has performed so well in 2019 as his merits for his job were heavily questioned coming into this season. With this year being one of contract implications for Dak, there’s been a lot riding on it. He has absolutely delivered.

Truth be told, Prescott has never been a passer who’s been known for putting up huge fantasy numbers through the air. He certainly can score in other ways like from on the ground, and in fact this season he surpassed Roger Staubach for the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in team history.

Dak is 10 games in, and with six to go, it’s safe to say that barring anything wild he is going to completely shatter his previous season highs in various statistical categories.

2019 Dak Prescott

Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 (current) 2019 (projected)
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 (current) 2019 (projected)
Completions 214 201 197 247 395
Attempts 316 320 305 365 584
Percentage 68% 63% 65% 68% 68%
Pass Yards 2640 2139 2138 3221 5154
Touchdowns 17 16 11 21 34
Interceptions 2 7 5 9 14

The current numbers are obviously through the 10 games that the Cowboys have played to date, but look at the projected yards if Dak were to keep his current pace. He’d top 5,000 yards passing this season. No Dallas Cowboys quarterback has ever done that (Tony Romo came 97 yards shy in 2012).

Of course, what Dak’s statistics look like ultimately do not matter if the team isn’t winning (ironically that’s the way the Detroit Lions have operated for the past decade or so). The good thing is that hero ball tends to translate to wins most of the time across the NFL so perhaps Dak is going to lead the Cowboys to something significant.

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