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BTB Film Room: Here’s how Ezekiel Elliott sealed the win in Detroit for the Dallas Cowboys

An amazing play from Zeke helped seal the deal for Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys started off strong in Detroit (save for the bit early on), scoring three touchdowns in the first half; however, it was the final touchdown of their Week 11 win over the Lions that stood out.

With 8:03 remaining in the fourth quarter the Cowboys found themselves in third and eight on the 17-yard line. Clutching to a six-point lead, they were hoping to give themselves a little breathing room.

They came out in a trips formation, with three receivers spread out to the left, one receiver spread out to the right, and Dak Prescott in the shotgun with Ezekiel Elliott to his right.

The Lions ran a zero blitz, sending six players after Prescott and leaving the remaining five to play man coverage with no help over the top.

This played right into the Cowboys hands as they ran a tailback screen to Elliott.

With Rashaan Melvin coming off of the edge unblocked, Prescott is forced to throw a side-arm pass around him. Elliott has to adjust as well and after making a great catch, he puts a hand on the turf to regain his balance.

The key block on this play comes from right guard Zack Martin. After releasing in front of Elliott, he picks up the block on Jalen Reeves-Maybin who is responsible for covering Elliott man-to-man.

Travis Frederick wheels around to pick up another key block and Elliott is off to the races. A little speed and one sharp cut is all it takes.

After he gets into the end zone, he pays tribute to his quarterback with his celebration.

This was a great play by Elliott on the screen, and he shows off his value in the pass game.

This touchdown sealed the win and is this week’s Cowboys Play of the Game.

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