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Dak Prescott is doing something in 2019 that only elite quarterbacks have done across NFL history

We need to realize Dak Prescott’s year has been his best so far.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are getting really solid play from quarterback Dak Prescott this season. What people tend to debate is just how solid that is. There are all sorts of solid, especially when talking about Dak Prescott, so people have different definitions as to what’s acceptable. Being the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is a tough gig in that respect.

Whether you think that Prescott is elite or not, it’s hard to deny the production that he’s put up through the team’s first seven games. Aside from what he’s done individually, the team sits in first place in the NFC East with an undefeated record within the division. Looking at Prescott individually, though, there is a particular statistic that jumps out with regards to the other quarterbacks on the list.

Prescott has been converting a lot of yardage at a pretty accurate rate so far this season. He’s averaging more than 8.9 yards per attempt and completing 70.6% of his passes. He is one of five quarterbacks in NFL history to be above 8.5 yards per attempt and over 70% completion on a season. Granted the other four did it across their entire seasons and Prescott still has nine games left, but this is quite the list.

  • 1994 Steve Young
  • 1989 Joe Montana
  • 2009 Drew Brees
  • 1945 Sammy Baugh

You’ll note that the top three quarterbacks on the list all won the Super Bowl in the same season that they put up the feat in question. What’s more is they were all also named MVP of that particular Super Bowl. Obviously 1945 predates the Super Bowl era but that doesn’t mean that Slingin’ Sammy Baugh didn’t do some postseason damage. The 1945 Washington Redskins lost the NFL Championship Game to the Cleveland Rams.

So assuming that Dak Prescott stays in line with this particular statistic, a big assumption, he would have done something that only quarterbacks who reached the season’s final game (and won it 75% of the time) did. This by no means that the 2019 Dallas Cowboys are now destined to finish their season in Miami, but it says a lot about what Dak is doing on top of the team’s overall accomplishments.

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