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Cowboys fan confidence on the rebound entering Sunday’s game in New England

Confidence is back!

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Confidence is a funny thing.

Some weeks people are up. Some weeks people are down. Such is life when you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan in 2019 and the team has a 6-4 record.

We track fan confidence every week with SB Nation’s FanPulse Tool (you can sign up to be part of those that are polled right here). After the Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions last week, and Dak Prescott had quite the afternoon, people are feeling good again.

It’s not like beating the Detroit Lions is a great accomplishment, plus the Cowboys struggled early on. It makes sense for people to still have some reservations about the team following that game, but it also makes sense to be excited.

The Cowboys have one of the game’s best quarterbacks operating under center in Dak Prescott. When you have that, as cliche as it sounds, anything is possible in football.

How is this true? Well, it’s obvious. There is no position in sports like a quarterback in the game of football and with Dak balling out the Cowboys have every reason to ultimately have trust in their team. Just ask Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager.

Confidence sure seems high for them!

The rest of the NFC East is feeling pretty down... oh well!

The great thing about FanPulse is that we also have access to how all 31 other teams are doing. This of course means that we know how the fan bases of the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins are all feeling. Spoiler alert... it’s not great.

A group that is feeling pretty solid right now is the one that the Cowboys will be taking on this weekend. Shocker of the century here, New England Patriots fans feel good about the state of their team.

If the Cowboys beat the Patriots on the road then confidence is going to literally jump off of this graph. Time will tell as if that really happens, for now we just have to hope.

There’s confidence in hope... right?

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