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Video breakdown of Dak Prescott shows his growth and whether he is MVP-worthy

How has Dak changed his game and what level QB is he now? An investigation through video.

Earlier this week, I was asked a set of questions by Pats Pulpit, the SB Nation site for the New England Patriots. Among the things they wanted to know about was Dak Prescott.

Q: The Patriots have never played against Dak Prescott. What do fans need to know about him in terms of strengths, weaknesses and overall importance to the Cowboys’ offensive operation?

In response to that, one of the things I noted was Prescott’s command at the line of scrimmage this year, which seems to have reached full potential.

Dak Prescott’s game has bloomed this year. It’s not like he didn’t play well the past three seasons, but this year he has made the jump into the upper-echelon of quarterbacks. One of Dak’s strengths is his ability to read the defense, get into the right play and quickly move through his progressions. That last part is key as it seems he is seeing defenses much better now and can quickly dissect where he wants to go with the football. This may just be coming from experience as an NFL QB but it is something that has led to a much more potent passing attack for the Cowboys.

Coincidentally, I was sent a video breakdown of Prescott by Alex Rollins, a 49ers fan who does some killer video breakdowns on his YouTube channel. His most recent video is a detailed breakdown of Prescott this season, and it includes some great detail about Prescott’s work at the line of scrimmage before he throws the ball. It also touches on Kellen Moore’s play-calling and scheme, as well as Prescott as an MVP candidate.

Check it out below, it’s a great way to spend a quarter hour.

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