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Report: New York Giants would be interested in Jason Garrett as head coach if he became available

He’s still the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but there are always rumors in the NFL.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Jason Garrett is in the middle of a contract year with the Dallas Cowboys. 2019 is Garrett’s ninth full season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and people want to see improvement. He’s never reached an NFC Championship Game so many have established that as a point that he needs to reach in order to get another contract with America’s Team, but it’s just so hard to know what the Jones family will do at the end of the season.

If Jerry and Stephen Jones ultimately do decide that it would be best to move on from Garrett, keep your eyes on a different family in the NFC East. The Maras are the owners and operators of the New York Giants, and with Pat Shumur in charge over there things haven’t exactly gone well. In a hypothetical world where they moved on from him and the Cowboys moved on from Garrett, what could all of those moving pieces mean?

According to NFL Network, they could mean exactly what you think they could. If that hypothetical situation were to arise it’s possible that Jason Garrett would become the head coach of the New York Giants. In fact, it’s apparently even his preferred destination outside of Dallas.

Jason Garrett spent time as a player for the Giants just like he did the Cowboys, and he’s spoken often about how that’s shaped his life. You’ve likely heard Jason Garrett refer to his current team as the “Dallas Football Cowboys” from time to time and that is obviously an ode to the G-Men’s well-established nickname, the “New York Football Giants.”

It’s likely that many Garrett detractors will read this and say that they’d love to see Garrett as the Giants head coach because they believe that would set a division rival back in the way they feel like he has limited the Cowboys. It sure would be riveting drama to see Garrett stay in the NFC East if he doesn’t return to the Cowboys, especially with some big time young playmakers to build a roster around.


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