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Jerry Jones is very frustrated with the Cowboys coaching

The Cowboys owner had some strong comments after the game.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a Cowboys fan and were thoroughly frustrated by the Cowboys loss to the Patriots, you’re not alone. Plenty of people are knocking the coaching from that game, and some of the preparation leading up to it. In fact, this is another game where the Cowboys coaching staff is under fire, much like after the Vikings game.

This time, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is jumping into the fray. We already discussed the awful job that the Cowboys special teams did in the game and how special teams coach Keith O’Quinn needs to go. Jerry Jones was also not pleased.

“Special teams is a total reflection of coaching,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. “To me, special teams is 100 percent coaching. It’s 100 percent coaching. It’s strategy.

”It’s having players ready. ... Special teams is nothing but coaching. Special teams is effort. Special teams is savvy. Special teams is thinking.”

That is about the strongest indictment of coaching Jones has made. The frustration was just getting underway for the Cowboys owner.

“This is very frustrating,” Jones said. “It’s frustrating just to be reminded that some of the fundamentals of football and coaching were what beat us out there today. ... With the makeup of this team, I shouldn’t be this frustrated.”

On the other side, Bill Belichick said that attacking the Cowboys special teams was part of the game plan.

We’ll have to see where this goes, we may not see anything until the end of the year. But if the Cowboys had an aggressive nature, they would do something about special teams starting tomorrow.

The coaching issue has been a season-long problem, from Jason Garrett on down. Jerry Jones knows this:

It’s not hard to see where Jerry stands.

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