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Report: No changes coming to any part of Jason Garrett’s coaching staff for Dallas Cowboys

Nothing is changing for now with the Cowboys coaches.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are dealing with the aftermath of a rough loss on the road against the New England Patriots. A lot of people lose in Foxboro, but the Cowboys had a lot of self-inflicted errors.

This has many people ready to see change. It’s well-known that Jason Garrett is in a contract year with the Cowboys so his status at the very least is tied to the regular season’s remaining five games, and you’d imagine that he’d likely want those to go as well as possible given his situation.

If you wanted things to go well for the Cowboys, you might want to consider a change on special teams. That unit of the team has been awful all season with errors particularly highlighted over the last three weeks. They’re missteps of basic things like communication, and that has people wanting to see a change in the coordinator role, but don’t expect that. According to ESPN, neither Jason Garrett himself nor Keith O’Quinn are going anywhere.

The Cowboys fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander during last season so it’s not like they’re unafraid to make moves in the middle of all the action. However, that firing came during the team’s bye which is the time that makes the most sense for that kind of thing. Dallas is well past that by now.

What’s more is that “by now” means Thanksgiving week which means the Cowboys are on a short week. It’s hard to justify firing anyone during the season (as much as you think they’re not doing their job properly), it’s a whole different thing to consider it in a short week.

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