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Jason Garrett discusses why he kicked the FG late in Pats game, and his belief in analytics

Check out what Jason Garrett had to say after the loss to the Patriots.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys fans want answers to what happened on Sunday. So Jason Garrett met with the press to discuss. (All answer are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Jerry Jones called it a significant loss, was it?

Unfortunately we didn’t win, they are a good team and we didn’t get the job job done. We have to get moving forward to Thursday.

Jerry was critical of the coaching staff

We need to focus on coaching and playing better, our eyes are forward.

Have you talked to Jerry today?

I have not talked to Jerry yet, because of the short week we didn’t have usual Monday meetings.

What do you need to do better?

The big play was the blocked punt, then the INT, they got favorable field position and 10 points early in the game. It was a challenging day handling the ball, typically we’ve been good on third down but not in this game. Defensively we did a good job, we slowed them down and made them work. We have to be more efficient offensively and then score. Our return game didn’t handle the ball well, we have to handle the ball better on kicks.

Jerry said Cowboys were out-coached, do you agree?

Great respect for Bill Belichick, we need to focus on what we can do better.

Will you change Tony Pollard out as the kick returner?

No change, we just have to do better there, he’ll keep learning and the coaching staff will learn.

Why was he at the goal line instead of further up after they were pooching the kicks?

He should have been further up but we had receivers at the 20 so that wasn’t his ball anyway.

Surprised you are still having special teams issues?

We always try to get better, there are always issues, you try to identify and correct and move forward.

What happened on the blocked punt?

It wasn’t anything exotic, just a man rush and they beat one of our guys. The guy was lined a little wide and our set wasn’t as good, needed to get more vertical on the block.

Stephen Gilmore

He did a good job, he was on Amari a lot, other times he he wasn’t. It was challenging to throw and we were not efficient as needed.

Did conditions compromise the offense?

Both teams dealt with the elements, there are things you want to do that become secondary to what you can actually do, it was equal for both sides.

Why did you kick the FG at the end, did you discuss it Kellen Moore before third down?

We were trying to score a TD, were always talking about that but I try not to interject on Kellen all the time. If it was maybe a more favorable fourth down we would go for it, but 4th and 7 in that condition and that defense wasn’t favorable. The play on third down didn’t work, unfortunately Dak was flushed out. You always understand we could go for it if it was manageable.

Would Kellen look at the third down call differently if he knows he has two plays?

The third down play has different options, either in the end zone or underneath to keep the ball moving. Our pass offense has vertical, intermediate and checkdown options, rarely will a call be a a play where only one guy gets ball, we give the QB options, it just didn’t work out.

What did you think of the tripping calls

No real comment.


Antwaun Woods and Jeff Heath had injuries from the game and we’re still evaluating Leighton Vander Esch.

You said you don’t have win probability numbers in the game, why not?

It’s not something we think is best for team.

Do you believe in analytics?

Absolutely, certainly some can be beneficial.

Why not use them in game?

Just our way.

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