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These are going to be critical days for the future of the Dallas Cowboys

Thanksgiving will be interesting.

These next couple of days are going to really define the future of the Dallas Cowboys. With the team coming off of their loss on the road against the New England Patriots, tensions are high. Stress levels are at their maximum. Jerry Jones decided to speak out following the loss and that is the official sign that things aren’t exactly in a super relaxed place.

We’ve known all along that 2019 is a contract year for Jason Garrett and we have now approached the season’s final five regular season games. While Garrett’s squad is still in first place in the NFC East, the reality is that he’s going to need to do more than win a sorry division in order to earn an extension. With the way that his team has looked lately, it’s hard to believe that as a real possibility.

We discussed the status of the Cowboys in the latest video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Page. Make sure to subscribe to it so that you don’t miss anything we have going on over there. It’s going to be a busy week with another game in just a couple of days!

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