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Jason Garrett talks special teams and replacing Antwaun Woods at DT on Thursday

Jason Garrett meets with the press.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough few days for head coach Jason Garrett. Today he spoke with the media ahead of the Cowboys meeting with the Bills on Thursday. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Challenges of Buffalo’s defense

Jason Garrett got the day started by talking about how good the Buffalo Bills defense is. He highlighted their defensive line and how even their backups are good and they use a heavy rotation. He then complimented their linebackers and secondary as playmakers, too.

Buffalo’s special teams

The Bills are excellent on special teams and Jason Garrett is aware of that. He noted that Andre Roberts shows up big as a return man but that they’re great in every aspect of that.

The issue with kickoff coverage

Coach said they need to play fast and physical on their coverage units and get off of the blocks.

How hard is it to deal with frustration from Jerry Jones

Jason Garrett simply noted that they are focused on coaching and playing and are looking forward to the Bills.

Advice on dealing with scrutiny

It’s a rough week for Jason Garrett and he noted that the best advice he’s ever gotten in dealing with these types that you just have to focus on what you can do and work on doing it.

Antwaun Woods ruled out Thursday, how will you deal with that

Christian Covington showed up in the game after the injury last week, we have confidence in him. We expect him to play more and we’ll work out the rotation closer to the game.

Confidence in Tony Pollard

Garrett said the Cowboys will continue to give Tony Pollard touches and he’ll continue to grow from those experiences.

Lots of love for Cole Beasley

The Cowboys will welcome back Cole Beasley this week as Cole returns with his new team, the Buffalo Bills. Jason Garrett spoke about how clutch Cole was during his time with the Cowboys and that he was a pleasure to coach. He also talked about how Randall Cobb has done a fine job of filling in at the slot role for the team.

Cobb’s emergence

Randall Cobb has performed quite well over the last few games and Jason Garrett spoke about how this is simply a result of how a given game has gone. Teams gameplan for different things and you have to attack in different ways.

Amari Cooper’s stats different at home versus away

Amari Cooper’s statistics at home and on the road are very different. Jason Garrett didn’t want to get into why he thought that was, he noted Amari is a good football player and they have confidence in him.

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