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Cowboys vs. Bills: “Cole Beasley has been a blessing for this team”

The lowdown on the Buffalo Bills from an expert.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

No time to wait this week as the Cowboys are getting ready to take on the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving Day. To get properly prepped for the game, we turn to Buffalo Rumblings to learn what we can about the Bills.

Blogging The Boys: Are the Bills truly a good team or are they benefiting from a soft schedule, or a little of both?

Buffalo Rumblings: It is a little of both, all season the belief has been that Buffalo is a good football team taking advantage of an easy schedule. They do not have that true statement win but they certainly have the talent to get there. The team is well coached by Sean McDermott and the players will fight for each other with everything that they have. Wins are always tough to come by in the league and having eight after only 11 games should be a big accomplishment for this team. However, this is the stretch of the season where we can find out if this team can make some noise with big games coming up in December to see if the Bills can make some noise in January.

BTB: How has Cole Beasley been in the Bills offense?

BR: Beasley has been a blessing for this team, giving the offense a true slot receiver that they have been lacking in the past. He is second on the team with over 500 yards in the passing game and has four touchdowns to go along with it. He has been key on first and second down getting a decent amount of yardage to make third downs more manageable. He is a match up nightmare for linebackers because he always seems to get open and move the chains. Cole is coming off a big game against Denver with six catchers and a touchdown and when he gets going is when the offense is able to move the chains.

BTB: How good are the Bills special teams units because the Cowboys are terrible in that area?

BR: We did not realize how good the Bills have been on special teams this season until last week. Coming into last week, they were the least penalized team in the league on special teams which always helps with the battle of field position. They are also leading the league with Andre Roberts on average yardage on kickoff returns with just over 30. Punter Corey Bojorquez has been questionable in the past but he has been having a really underrated year punting the ball. Special teams have been unable to block a punt this year or attempted any fakes but maybe after watching some of the things New England did, maybe we will see something happen.

BTB: Talk about Josh Allen as the QB, what’s his game like, strengths and weaknesses.

BR: Josh Allen is the type of guy I want leading my football team, he is a competitor and will do whatever it takes to help his team wins. He has the character to be the guy of the future but he has some more development to go through before taking it to the next level. His strengths is his running ability, Josh is able to make plays when he gets out of the pocket with ease and has seven rushing touchdowns on the season which is even more than Lamar Jackson. Another thing we like is that he is learning especially after that awful first half against the Patriots where he was chucking interceptions like crazy. Since that game he has been a different guy with at least two total touchdowns in every game and only one interception. As for his weakness it is ball security not in regards to interceptions but holding onto the ball when getting hit. He is among the leaders in fumbles so there is the potential for defenders to go for the strip instead of the big hits. All in all though, we are excited for what this kid can do.

BTB: How good is the Buffalo defense and what’s the best way to attack it?

BR: The defense is top notch and is starting to hit their stride. Their secondary has always been one of the best but there has been times especially against the Eagles where the front seven has been gashed in the running game and unable to get pressure on the quarterback. However, the past couple weeks they have been getting a lot of pressure and stopping the run making the defense look as complete as it has all season. Attacking it can be hard but the benefit for the Cowboys is that they have an electric guy like Zeke who can make plays in the screen game which has killed this team at times due to the misdirection involved. You also have Dak who can be effective running the option and RPO’s. One of the best ways to attack the defense is to try and get them moving out of place and exploiting it when you can. This team does not give up the big plays often but when you see the opportunity, you have to convert.

Thanks for the knowledge, Buffalo Rumblings.

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