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Cowboys News: Jerry Jones won’t fire Jason Garrett in-season, but still frustrated

Plus, the Cowboys can thank the NFC East for any success.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones still upset about loss to Patriots, but says Jason Garrett won’t be fired in-season — ‘period’ - Shalise Manza Young, Yahoo Sports

After the Cowboys lost to the Patriots on Sunday, Jerry Jones didn’t really hold back on how frustrated he felt. With Jason Garrett in the final year of his contract, many have wondered if the embattled head coach will even make it to the end of the year. Jones squashed that speculation on Tuesday, however.

Jones typically meets with Garrett and other coaches on Mondays, in part to go over personnel. That was initially seen as another sign of Jones’ displeasure with Garrett, but he debunked that, explaining that with a short week — the Cowboys have their traditional Thanksgiving game on Thursday — there isn’t time for that meeting.

Jones also said he has no intention of firing Garrett before the season ends.

“The answer is no. And period,” he said. “But I sit there and watch games, I watch games and I look at every aspect of it, since I put the coaches out there, since I put the players out there, at the end of the day— with a lot of help and with a collaborative effort — but at the end of the day the buck stops with me, and I am highly critical and I’m continually evaluating the performance of everyone involved in the game.”

The Dallas Cowboys’ fear of strangers could derail their season - Tim Cowlishaw, DMN

The Cowboys are fearsome inside the NFC East, but when they have to play other teams, their record isn’t exactly playoff-worthy.

No, for this team, success is all predicated on winning the worst division in football. The Cowboys are 4-0 against the NFC East and 2-5 against the rest of the world. A year ago, Dallas reached the playoffs riding a 5-1 division record while going only 5–5 against outside competition.

The Cowboys know what they like, and it’s lining up against Washington, New York and apparently even downtrodden Philadelphia although that game at The Linc on Dec. 22 may still decide the NFC East.

It’s somewhat ironic that Fox pays a greater price for its share of NFL games than CBS because it gets the tradition-rich major markets of the NFC East. And yet it’s not even close as to which division is the least competitive in 2019.

While San Francisco, New Orleans and a tie between Minnesota and Green Bay represent the other NFC division leaders with 10, 9 and 8 wins, respectively, the Cowboys sit atop the NFC East throne at 6-5. Every other division has won at least 20 games, led by the powerful NFC West’s 28. The NFC East is 15-29.

Urban Meyer Is Favored To Be The Next Head Coach Of The Dallas Cowboys - David Hookstead, The Daily Caller

While there is still time for the Cowboys to turn things around and for Jason Garrett to save his job, it’s seeming more likely than ever that the Cowboys could see a coaching change after this year. If that happens, Vegas already has a favorite to take the job.

We’ll see what happens, but Meyer has never been an NFL coach of any kind. He has absolutely zero coaching experience at the pro level.

However, he was absurdly dominant as a college coach, and won three national titles. Add in the fact that he’s already said he’d coach the Cowboys, and it’s not hard to envision Jerry Jones reaching out.

After all, Jones is a bold man and he loves shaking things up. Hiring Urban Meyer to take over the most valuable organization in pro sports would be the definition of sending shockwaves through the NFL.

‘Who Could Replace Jason Garrett’ Week 13 Power Rankings - KD Drummond, Cowboys Wire

Urban Meyer might be the odds on favorite for the Cowboys’ top gig, if it becomes available, but there are plenty of reasons why Meyer might not get it. If not, there’s plenty of other candidates also available.

The Cowboys are in danger of not finishing above .500 for the first time in the last four seasons. The rabble has been roused louder and louder with each loss of the season as Dallas has still yet to defeat a team which sported a winning record at the time or currently. They’ve been close, but this ain’t your grand-daddy’s horseshoe pins.

I promise the Cowboys front office has a list of potential head coaches they’ve developed over the course of the season, and it is getting updated constantly. Don’t be mad at them, or us, for being prepared.

Here’s our take, in Top 20 countdown format.

Cowboys players aren’t worried about Jerry Jones’ criticism of coaching staff - Charean Williams, Yahoo Sports

When a general manager or owner - or both, in the case of Jerry Jones - publicly criticizes the coaching of the team, one worry is that it could have an effect on the players as they prepare for the next game. In Dallas, though, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Whether the players have heard Jones’ comments or not really is neither here nor there. They can’t change their record. All they can do is get ready to play the Bills on Thursday.

“Even if we have, we can’t worry about that,” cornerback Jourdan Lewis said Tuesday. “We’ve got to play a game on Thursday. I mean, that’s our main focus. At the end of the day, as a player, especially we’ve got to lock in, and we’ve our hands full enough with some of these guys. We’ve got a lot of guys we’ve got to worry about besides some of that stuff.”

Zack Martin said it isn’t a big distraction in Dallas, because something always is going on in Dallas.

“Being part of the Dallas Cowboys, there is so much stuff every week that you kinda get used to it,” the All-Pro right guard said. “I think this locker room does a good job of not getting caught up with that kind of stuff and moving on.”

Jason Witten: Jerry Jones comments on Cowboys ‘completely fair’ - Todd Archer, ESPN

Jason Witten is undoubtedly one of the most revered voices in the Cowboys organization at any level, and for good reason. So it spoke volumes on Tuesday when the future Hall of Fame tight end validated Jerry Jones’ criticism of the team.

“Passion, emotion, the energy he brings, that is Line 1 for Mr. Jones, I feel like from my perspective,” tight end Jason Witten, who has played 16 years for the Cowboys, said Tuesday. “He wants to win. He expects to win. He feels like he’s put a great team together, which he has, and we haven’t played to our expectations of where we should be. That’s completely fair. I think it’s just the raw emotion of it all. He’s been around a lot of great football and knows what he wants it to look like.”

After the game, Jones called Patriots coach Bill Belichick “masterful” and said the 13-9 loss was a “significant setback,” while calling into question the Dallas coaching staff, particularly with special teams after a blocked punt led to the game’s only touchdown.

Dallas Cowboys: 3 reasons why Dak Prescott shouldn’t sign - Michael H Vu, The Landry Hat

One of the more agonizing storylines of the year has been Dak Prescott’s looming contract situation, which has remained almost dormant as the quarterback has put on MVP performance after MVP performance. Now, there’s actually an argument that he shouldn’t sign with the Cowboys at all.

Dak Prescott is still only 26 years old. He’s moved the needle in 2019. The guy is barely using his legs, which is another component of his already expanding skill set. Right now, if I’m Prescott, I’d be really interested to see if they actually let Garrett go. And if they do, does the organization hire another dummy for Jerry Jones to push around?

Last Sunday, we all saw why coaching matters. That’s been written about and frankly, if you watched the game against the Patriots you’re well aware of the differences between Garrett and Bill Belichick.

If the Dallas Cowboys don’t pair Prescott with a talented coach, what’s the point of continuing a career in the spotlight of pure mediocrity?

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