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Jason Garrett’s Cowboys have never won consecutive Thanksgiving games... and they won last year

Can they do it for the first time this year?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just about time for one of the greatest traditions that football has to offer... the Dallas Cowboys are about to play their annual Thanksgiving Day game.

Hopefully your belly will be nice and full when kickoff between the Cowboys and Buffalo Bills happens. This is a huge game for the current Dallas team as they are 6-5 and barely in first place in the NFC East. A win is essential, especially for Jason Garrett.

Speaking of Red Ball, how do you think his teams have done on Turkey Day? Surely you remember all of them (the tryptophan likely lulls you to sleep some years), but in case you didn’t it’s worth saying out loud that the Cowboys have never won back to back Thanksgiving Day games under their current head coach.

The bad news is that they won last year. Uh oh.

Jason Garrett was the Cowboys interim head coach in 2010 on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s true that the Cowboys were victorious last Thanksgiving Day, facing Colt McCoy likely helped matters. Still though a win is a win and the Cowboys have been unable to pull them off in consecutive seasons on this particular holiday.

How one Cowboys team did on Thanksgiving really has nothing to do with how another will play on the final Thursday in November, but it’s interesting to look at. Something else worth mentioning is that this Thanksgiving Day will be a rematch of sorts considering who the Cowboys are playing.

Dallas is hosting the Buffalo Bills that are led by head coach Sean McDermott. You’ll remember of course that McDermott was the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in 2015. The Cowboys had 210 total yards that day in an embarrassing performance that was actually the last start of Tony Romo’s career.

Do the Cowboys win on Thursday? What do you think?

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