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Predicting the Cowboys X-Factor player of the game against the Bills

It’s a big game for Dallas, but who do you think will come up big on Thursday?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Can you believe it’s the 25th anniversary of Jason Garrett’s famous Thanksgiving game where he led the Dallas Cowboys to a 42-31 victory over the Green Bay Packers. With both Troy Aikman and Rodney Peete out with injuries, Garrett was given the opportunity to preserve the Cowboys season and keep their playoff hopes alive. How fitting that Garrett once again finds himself in a position where he must deliver on this big day. Even more fitting is he’s pinning his hopes on another former third-string quarterback who he is hoping makes his own mark on this Thanksgiving day game.

The Cowboys need this game bad, but the Buffalo Bills aren’t going to roll over and let you cook them in the oven. They have their own plans on this wonderful holiday and that includes feasting on a team that’s on the ropes. It’s a big game where big plays will be made, but who is going to make them? Our front-page writing staff makes our predictions for the X-Factors player of the game.

Michael Strawn: Blake Jarwin

Think it’s time for Jarwin to just make a few big plays... expect three or more catches, 50+ yards, and a touchdown.

Tom Ryle: Tony Pollard

I know he’s a popular choice just about every week, but this time I chose him for a specific reason. He had problems on all three kickoffs he tried to field last week, and he is going to want to show he can do more to help the team. I think he will get one good return and also be a contributor on offense, where he continues to have a larger role both in a relief role for Ezekiel Elliott and as a part of the passing game.

Michael Sisemore: Jourdan Lewis

We all know this is a game that Cole Beasley circled on his list since becoming a member of the Buffalo Bills. For years, training camps were the “Cole Beasley Show”, he was uncoverable and the Cowboys need to keep him in check now that covering him is a reality. The Bills QB Josh Allen is an athletic, mobile quarterback, the Cowboys will have to spend resources to make sure he doesn’t beat them with his legs. That’s likely to leave Cole Beasley with one-on-ones vs. Jourdan Lewis. It’s time for J-Lew to step up and show why he deserves to be the starting slot corner for the future.

David Howman: Xavier Woods

In case you haven’t caught any Bills games the last two years (and I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t), Josh Allen has a cannon for an arm. As such, the offense attempts several deep shots per game and effectively stretches out defenses. With Woods playing center field safety, I’m looking for him to make a few plays on those deep shots and throw Allen out of his rhythm.

Danny Phantom: Randall Cobb

I refuse to make any corn on the Cobb references even though Thanksgiving is a totally appropriate time for food humor. But no, I’m better than that. Speaking of better, do you know who the Cowboys leading receiver has been over the last three games? That would be slot receiver Randall Cobb. He’s averaging over 100 yards per game in that span and continues to have a nice connection with Dak Prescott. In a game that features the return of the team’s former slot receiver Beasley, I’m putting my money on the team’s new guy to continue riding hot. Butter him up because he’s on a roll (I tried as long as I could).

Who do you got as the X-Factor in this game?

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