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Cowboys must limit the Bills rushing attack if they want to be victorious on Thanksgiving

The Bills rushing attack won’t be easy to stop.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

If it’s not Josh Allen, it’s Devin Singletary. If it’s not Devin Singletary, it’s Frank Gore.

This three-headed monster has the potential to give the Cowboys suspect rush defense all that it can handle in today’s Thanksgiving game. While neither of the three rushers, are at the top of the league in rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, or carries, no one should discredit the impact that Allen, Gore, and Singletary will have in this football game.

Coming off a week where the three combined for 227 yards on the ground, Devin Singletary looks to be the focus for the Bills when running the football. Singletary, a very talented rookie out of Florida Atlantic has been impressive in limited action so far in 2019. Singletary is a smaller back that is a very tough ball carrier to bring down in space. While he didn’t test like an ultra explosive athlete, it’s easy to see that his speed on the field is far more impressive than his combine numbers. Singletary also imposes a threat as a receiver out of the backfield. With Buffalo struggling to move the ball through the air, look to see Devin Singletary used in the passing game early and often.

The most dangerous part of the Buffalo Bills offense is their quarterback’s ability to run the football. Josh Allen has the ability to hurt you through the air as well, but when he runs the football he brings a dynamic element to the Buffalo offense. Pairing Allen’s threat of his legs with Singletary and Gore makes defending the Bills read-option and RPO game rather difficult. Allen currently leads all NFL QB’s in rushing touchdowns with seven, second in carries with 83, and third in rushing yards with 387. Not only can Josh Allen hurt the Cowboys on designed runs, but he’s also very good at creating yards with his legs when nothing is there through the air. This will be a big game for the Cowboys linebackers and defensive ends to stay disciplined, and to not give Allen wide open space lanes to run through, especially on third down.

Along with the intriguing rookie, and the elusive dual-threat QB, the Cowboys will have to deal with a future Hall of Famer in Frank Gore. Gore, while being in the back-half of his incredible career can still be a productive player in the Bills offense. If this game gets close, or if the Bills are needing to run out the clock, Frank Gore could be the back the Bills lean on due to his experience and veteran presence.

With both Antwaun Woods and Leighton Vander Esch slated to miss the game, the Cowboys will likely struggle to shut down the Bills running game, but they don’t need to. Dallas needs to limit the Bills running game, and make sure that in order to win the game, the Bills will need to beat them through the air with Josh Allen’s arm. The heart beat of the Bills offense runs through the ground game, and if the Cowboys can slow that heart beat down just enough, they should have no problem limiting the Buffalo offense.

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