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Jerry Jones on moving on from Jason Garrett after Thanksgiving loss: This is not the time

It doesn’t seem like there will be a change at head coach for the Cowboys any time soon.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were humiliated on Thanksgiving Day and a lot of fans want to see change. Jerry Jones wants to see change as well and in fact said as much last week. He told the world that he wanted to win some football games and the Cowboys have now lost two in a row. Losing is the opposite of winning.

Many wondered if a rough loss to the Buffalo Bills would be enough for Jerry Jones to decide to move on from Jason Garrett despite the head coach’s contract expiring at the end of the season anyway. In the immediate aftermath of the game Jerry met with the local media and it doesn’t seem as if anything is going to happen any time soon.

ESPN reported prior to the game that Jason Garrett would, at the very least, be allowed to see the end of the season through. In spite of the loss, Jerry’s post-game words seem to reflect that message.

The Cowboys are in an interesting conundrum as they still have a chance at winning the NFC East and therefore participating in the playoffs. There’s certainly one line of logic to saying that they’re at their best with Jason Garrett in charge and that firing him before the season is officially over damages any potential that comes with the opportunity of a postseason berth, but there’s also the way the Cowboys have been playing lately. You can legitimately argue that they might be better from here on out under an interim head coach.

If you were expecting to see change this week you better not hold your breath. Things are going to remain the same for now.

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