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Official Dallas Cowboys fans Week 9 rooting guide

Here’s what to root for on Sunday!

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys get back to action in Week 9, but since they play on Monday Night Football we’ll have to wait just a bit longer than every other NFL fan base to get down to action. Thankfully, we have Sunday football to keep us busy, but just because there’s no Cowboys game doesn’t mean that are no implications for America’s Team.

We’re just about halfway through the season which means things like division titles, home field advantage, and first-round byes are on the minds of a few teams. With such stout competition across the NFC, it doesn’t appear like the Cowboys will be able to clinch a first-round bye, but the NFC East is well within their grasp as they currently lead it.

So what should you be rooting for on Sunday of Week 9 to help further that cause? We’ve got your official rooting guide right here.

EARLY GAMES: Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills

Unfortunately, the Arizona Cardinals couldn’t beat the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football which would’ve been beneficial if the Cowboys do ultimately find a way to come close to a bye, but there are still other opportunities to weaken NFC teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Minnesota Vikings which will be a tall order without Pat Mahomes, but Matt Moore did look good last week. Tennessee will take on the Carolina Panthers which is another opportunity for an NFC team to lose, but the important thing in this time slot is that the other two NFC East teams will be playing.

Chicago will be visiting the Philadelphia Eagles so Cowboys fans everywhere are hoping for the performance of a lifetime from Mitchell Trubisky. As improbable as that seems the inverse is true for the Buffalo Bills who have drawn Dwayne Haskins and the Washington Redskins. Go Bears and Bills.

AFTERNOON GAMES: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers

The afternoon doesn’t bring with it too many super important games as far as the Cowboys are concerned, but it would be nice to see some potential Wildcard competition lose. That’s the case with the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions who are taking on the Buccaneers and Raiders respectively. While we’re all hoping for another NFC East hat and t-shirt party the reality is that the Wildcard could be the path for Dallas in the end.

The final game of the week with implications for the Cowboys is the Green Bay Packers visiting the San Diego Chargers. Green Bay has been on quite the run this season and look to be the favorites in the NFC North, it would not be fun if the Cowboys ultimately had to head to Lambeau Field in the playoffs... we know how devastating that can be.

Go Chargers. Do something. Anything.

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