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Buffalo Bills DE Jerry Hughes to Cowboys fans during Thanksgiving rout: I see why you don’t pay Dak!

Bills players were rubbing it in.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills had their way with the Dallas Cowboys recently. It wasn’t a fun way to spend Thanksgiving Day. While the Cowboys now seemingly sit rudderless in an ocean of their own mistakes, the Bills are marching towards their second playoff appearance in three years. Life is good in Buffalo, obviously.

It’s clear that Bills players are feeling the euphoria of the moment and that they absolutely were feeling it during the team’s destruction of the Cowboys on Thursday afternoon. In a video of various members of the Bills, audio can be heard of them shouting various things at Cowboys fans that paid a lot of money to watch their team lose on a national holiday.

You can see different players saying different things, trash talk is certainly part of the game; however, defensive end Jerry Hughes made things more personal when he attacked the quarterback of the Cowboys by shouting “I see why you don’t pay Dak!”.

Many will note that this type of thing is fair game if you win. To the victor goes the spoils, right? Personally I’m absolutely of that mindset, but calling out a player for trying to get paid feels a step too far.

What’s more is that it’s kind of ridiculous to criticize Dak Prescott for wanting to get paid. Number one, he should absolutely make the most money that he possibly can, and number two, Dak has generally played very well this season.

Obviously, Prescott had a poor day against the Bills defense (Hughes’ side of the ball no less) but one of the most prominent players on their team, Cole Beasley, is on record saying that Dak should get paid.

The thrill of the moment clearly got to Jerry Hughes and honestly if the Cowboys don’t want him to talk that way about their quarterback or their team, well, they should have done something about it.

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