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Listen: Roger Staubach talks Veterans, football, Dak Prescott, and more with BTB

Mr. Staubach joined the BTB podcast feed to talk Veterans, Cowboys, and more.

NFL: NFL Draft-Red Carpet Arrivals Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’re approaching the middle of November which means a lot of things are happening. The clock was recently turned back, Thanksgiving is approaching, football games are getting all the more important, and a very special day is right around the corner - Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is just a few days away from now as it falls on Monday, November 11th this year, and with it coming so soon we were fortunate to be able to talk to a Veteran that Dallas Cowboys fans know well - Pro Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach

Mr. Staubach’s accomplishments are so great and wide-ranging that we could spend decades discussing them (many of you have). It’s probably best for us to step out of the way though and let him do the talking. You can listen to my conversation with Mr. Staubach on the latest episode of The Ocho right here.

Mr. Staubach works in partnership with USAA and they have a very special promotion happening this Veteran’s Day, he also happens to be the Dallas Cowboys nominee for this year’s Salute To Service Award by the way. USAA is challenging Americans to highlight veterans (something we should do all the time) and have an interesting way to do so.

Here’s what you do:

  • Write a “V” on your hand (for Veteran)
  • Also write the initials of a veteran you’d like to honor
  • Take a photo and share it on social media
  • Use the hashtag “Honor Through Action” (like this: #HonorThroughAction)

Mr. Staubach and I got into a few different subjects in our conversation. We talked about serving in the Navy himself, Gil Brandt discovering him, his thoughts on Mr. Brandt entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame recently, “the team from Pittsburgh” as he jokingly put it, and even his thoughts on the 2019 Dallas Cowboys.

Thank you to USAA and Roger Staubach for making this possible. Enjoy.

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