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Jason Garrett’s Dallas Cowboys have won the week after Thanksgiving for five years in a row

Can the Cowboys make it six?

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

This past week we discussed how the Dallas Cowboys have never won consecutive Thanksgiving Day games under Jason Garrett as their head coach. They had an opportunity to do so this past Thursday and, well, they did not.

What about the week after Thanksgiving, though? In some years the Cowboys have had the mini-bye immediately following Turkey Day, but in four of the last five seasons they’ve had to wait an extra week for that as they’ve played on Thursday Night Football seven days after Thanksgiving.

The Cowboys typically play quite well during the week after Thanksgiving. Under Jason Garrett they have won seven of nine such games and are actually riding a five-game winning streak.

Dallas Cowboys during the week after Thanksgiving under Jason Garrett

*Jason Garrett was interim head coach in 2010

There are some pretty memorable games here. The first one in Indianapolis had some Sean Lee heroics, the one a season later was when Garrett infamously iced Dan Bailey, and the game last season against New Orleans was when people really bought into the current version of the Cowboys (you know, before everything was terrible).

It was in that Thursday night game against Washington two years ago that Dez Bryant set the record for most receiving touchdowns in franchise history. What’s particularly interesting here (from a coincidental standpoint) is that two of the wins in question came on the road against the Chicago Bears. That’s where the Cowboys will be during the week after Thanksgiving this season.

The second of those two even came on Thursday Night Football which is the time slot that this game will be happening in. We might be grasping at straws here, but right now the Cowboys need all of the straws they can get.

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