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Jason Garrett press conference: Cowboys working out three kickers on Sunday

The head coach took to the podium on “Wednesday”.

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s a weird week for the Dallas Cowboys as they’re going from Thursday to Thursday. This means that Sunday is their Wednesday which means that Jason Garrett met with the media per his usual routine.

Here’s a recap of everything that Garrett said on Sunday. A reminder that these are paraphrased answers and not exact quotes.

Addressing confidence

Morale is clearly low with the Cowboys and losing certainly doesn’t help. Asked if he’s addressing that in any way Jason Garrett said the biggest thing the Cowboys do is focus on what they have to get done.

Sunday to Thursday to Thursday is something they’re used to

Welcome to “Wednesday” for the Cowboys.

Cowboys will practice outside on Sunday, maybe on Monday

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys might try to replicate the circumstances and environment during practice that they’ll see in Chicago. What an idea!

Leighton Vander Esch won’t practice


Michael Bennett, Jeff Heath, and Amari Cooper all might be limited at best

Jason Garrett said these players will try to practice but their status is all sort of up in the air. Carry on.

Cowboys will have a kicker workout on Sunday after practice

Jason Garrett stressed that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to make a change, but they are trying out three kickers. Austin MacGinnis, Nick Rose, and Tristan Vizcaino seem to be the three based off of the last names that he listed (he only mentioned last names so some dot-connecting was necessary). MacGinnis is the XFL’s Dallas Renegades kicker so he knows the area.

The Bears defense will be a challenge

The head coach noted that Chicago has a great defense that is fast and active. He cited all three levels to it and said overall they’re a very good defense.

Khalil Mack

Jason Garrett referred to Khalil Mack as a pretty rare guy. He talked about Khalil’s abilities to get away, rush, and said that Mack always gets a lot of attention every week. Watch out.

Were the Cowboys tired in the second half against Buffalo?

Asked if players were tired in the second half against the Bills, Jason Garrett simply noted that they’re on to Chicago and that the Cowboys got beat by the Bills. He wanted to focus on the Bears. Well then.

Running the football

Jason Garrett again noted that he wanted to move on to the Bears when asked about the Cowboys having difficult running the ball last week. Eyes forward.

Cowboys have to play better

Asked if the offense hasn’t lived up to expectations in some senses Jason Garrett again dialed in focus on the Bears.

Evaluation happens every day

Jason Garrett said that they make evaluations every day but that global or macro adjustments aren’t exactly something that happens as often. Take that how you will.

Additional information

There was also this bit that popped up after the press conference ended. The Cowboys have filled Connor Williams’ spot.

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