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Dolphins win! Eagles lose! Cowboys remain in first place in NFC East through Week 13

Dallas got help on Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The last few weeks have not been kind to the Dallas Cowboys as they have lost each of their last two games.

The first one was a bit understandable as it was on the road against the New England Patriots, the second was an embarrassing rout on Thanksgiving Day at home against the Buffalo Bills. Overall the Cowboys went 1-3 this season against the AFC East which is very not good.

In spite of all of this the Cowboys woke up on the day after each of those two losses in first place in the NFC East. They are 6-6 and have the tiebreaker (for the moment) over the lurking Philadelphia Eagles, but the distance between the two continues to remain the same.

Such is the case through Week 13 now thanks to the one team in the AFC East that the Cowboys beat. The Miami Dolphins officially defeated the Philadelphia Eagles!

NFC East standings through Week 13 (Division Record)

  1. Dallas Cowboys, 6-6 (4-0)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles, 5-7 (1-1)
  3. Washington Redskins, 3-9 (0-3)
  4. New York Giants, 2-10 (1-2)

There are now four games left in the regular season and one of them for both Dallas and Philadelphia is obviously against each other. It’s huge that the Cowboys already beat the Eagles, but the room for error has grown just a bit.

The Cowboys are at a point where it seems obvious that Jason Garrett is gone after the season is over. If they can still win the NFC East this season and therefore put themselves in the playoffs tournament where anything can happen, having both a lottery ticket this season in addition to a new head coach next season is a pretty nice combination of circumstances all things considered.

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