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A three-game losing streak has destroyed just about all faith that Cowboys fans have in the team

The Cowboys season has taken a toll on the fan base.

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

There is no denying it. Dallas Cowboys fans are mad. Losing sucks. Losing again sucks more. Losing three times in a row is enough to push a lot of fans over the edge. Such seems to the case as everywhere you turn people are quite upset with the Dallas Cowboys.

We track these sorts of things at SB Nation, you can sign up to be part of those polled right here, and what do you know the results haven’t been so much fun for the Cowboys. To be specific, we measure the confidence of fans and of all 32 team sites the Cowboys fan base has the second-lowest recorded confidence level at Week 15. Only Jacksonville Jaguars fans are less pleased with their team.

Looking at the graph is not a fun exercise as it serves as only a reminder of where the 2019 Cowboys have failed. Sure, the three losses in a row have been disappointing, but there were four other losses on the season. It’s easier to get over say the loss on the road in New England, but the one against the New York Jets is still so difficult to comprehend.

This season has been one of the Cowboys falling well short of expectations and under-delivering on their promise. For a second things have been feeling like 2007 all over again with spygate accusations levied against the aforementioned Patriots, but a Cowboys team falling this flat given what was expected feels more like 2008 than anything.

The NFC East is a pit of darkness and misery

If you watched Monday Night Football then you’re aware, thanks specifically to the broadcast, of how low-quality the NFC East is this season. Times, they change.

The Dallas Cowboys that are as bad as just discussed manage to still lead this division, but what happens next is really so unpredictable. Here are the confidence levels of the other three NFC East teams plus this week’s opponent, the Los Angeles Rams.

Football season is so much fun, isn’t it?

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