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The new Nike Free Metcon 2 Cowboys shoe has just dropped

These are sweet.

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The Dallas Cowboys are struggling and as frustrating as that is, we all still love and know people who love them.

Considering it is Christmas time and odds are you are looking for the Cowboys fan in your life, Nike has a brand new Cowboys themed shoe that is pretty sweet.

There are a lot of ways to represent the Cowboys whether it be with jerseys, t-shirts, caps, and the like. Shoes are a different way to roll and serve as a nice exclamation point to whatever ensemble you have chosen to put together.

And while we all want to see the Cowboys perform much better on the field perhaps these shoes can serve as a new good luck charm. Imagine you buy or receive them and they win out all the way through the Super Bowl? This is definitely going to happen obviously and isn’t at all some crazy dream that will end shortly! Definitely!

Check out the latest Nike Cowboys-themed shoe

It’s part of the Nike Free Metcon 2 Series, and it’s available in a new Dallas style.

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