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Jalen Ramsey on Amari Cooper: What he’s been able to do since he got to Dallas is... it’s elite

High praise from this week’s competition for the Cowboys.

Oakland Raiders v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Los Angeles Rams this week, the game is a rematch of last year’s Divisional Round playoff game between the two teams. Dallas found themselves in the 2018 postseason due to a heroic run by Amari Cooper after the team traded for him in the middle of the season. He changed, and continues to change, the way that they operate on offense and really helped Dak Prescott take his game to the next level.

Cooper will be expected to contribute heavily on Sunday against Los Angeles and he’ll be charged to do so against a Rams secondary that looks very different than last season’s. Gone is Marcus Peters and in are players like Eric Weddle and Jalen Ramsey.

The Rams traded for Ramsey before this season’s trade deadline which means that this matchup will feature three of the top five picks from the 2016 draft class (Jared Goff and Ezekiel Elliott alongside Ramsey). Dallas considered drafting Ramsey way back when but ultimately took Elliott.

With regards to Ramsey and the task of stopping Amari Cooper, he seems ready for the challenge. What’s more is that he seems quite respectful of his opponent which is a quality that has been absent from him at times in the past. He spoke glowingly of Cooper on Thursday.

Ramsey and Cooper dueled when the former was a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the latter the Oakland Raiders back in the aforementioned 2016 season. With different uniforms and much higher expectations, it’s safe to say that what happens between the two of them could largely influence the game.

However it goes, it’s nice to see Cooper draw such high praise from one of the game’s top cornerbacks. Cooper’s a quiet guy, but people know his game quite well.

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