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Rams @ Cowboys: Will the Cowboys fight back or will they get blown out at home by Rams?

The sinking Cowboys host the surging Rams, could this get ugly fast?

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

A surging 8-5 Los Angeles Rams team travels to AT&T Stadium to take on the 6-7 Dallas Cowboys, who have been in a tail-spin to the bottom for about a month. The Rams represent the NFC West, one of the league’s best divisions in football, while the Cowboys lead the worst division in football, the NFC East. We know the Rams will be motivated, can we say the same about the Cowboys?

When the Rams have the ball

It seems simple but the Cowboys need to tackle better. They have been one of the league’s worst defenses over the course of the last month or so. It’s a shame because the pieces for a good defense are there but too many players are going into business for themselves instead of minding their gaps and handling their assignments. The Rams have too many weapons to contend with and if the Cowboys don’t put forth a better defensive effort than we’ve seen lately, they are going to get run out of their own building. It’s embarrassing how far the Cowboys defense has fallen.

When the Cowboys have the ball

The Cowboys fixed their issues with slow starts, they have scored opening drive touchdowns in each of their last two games. The problem now is that the Cowboys offense has gone M.I.A. afterwards. You are not going to have a chance to win many games if you can’t sustain drives. The Cowboys have been abysmal after their first possession of the game and by the time they wake up, it’s deep into the fourth quarter. A lot of these final scores have not been indicative of how badly the Cowboys have been beaten. If the Cowboys want to get back in the win column, they have to rely on their offense to do it. Teams have had success running the football against the Rams, teams have had success passing the football against the Rams. The Cowboys have some of the best offensive talent in the game but many of them are not playing up to their potential. If not now, when?

Let’s see how the writers see this game going...

Tom Ryle

Well, I am not going to believe the Cowboys are anything other than the team we’ve seen the past couple of weeks until they prove me wrong. I think it will be another disappointing loss, 31-17.

David Howman

The Cowboys have wilted in each of their last two games and the Rams are getting hot again. Add in that the Cowboys’ chances of making the playoffs don’t really change much with a win or loss in this game, and I see Dallas getting steamrolled in this one 42-21.


In their last two games against the Cowboys, the Rams running backs have a total of 456 scrimmage yards. And as luck would have it, Leighton Vander Esch and Seen Lee are both injured. Not to mention, the Cowboys are really bad at tackling. In every scenario I’ve ran through in my head, it always involves the Rams offense keeping the Cowboys defense dazed and confused. And right now, the Cowboys are too inconsistent on offense to keep up. This one could get ugly. Rams 30, Cowboys 10.

Michael Sisemore

I believe the Cowboys have a path to victory in this game but they had a path to victory in all their games, yet, here we are with seven losses. The Rams are fighting for the playoffs, in a division with three good football teams. A loss for the Rams will be much more devastating than a loss for the Cowboys. Dallas needs to beat the Eagles to win their division and that’s the only path to the postseason. I just can’t trust the Cowboys to win a football game right now and that’s a sad reality to live in. I see the Cowboys’ offense fighting to get to 21 points but not having enough defensively to stop LA. Rams win big 37-21.

There you have it, folks. This is how far the confidence has sunk for the Cowboys season that everyone is picking a blowout loss at home. The Cowboys came into this season with such high hopes and now, we’re all just looking forward to offseason wholesale change.

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