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Tweetcap Week 15: “Who is this team, and what have they done with the Cowboys?”

The Cowboys destroyed the Los Angeles Rams 44-21.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The title of this victory post comes from my dear friend and colleague, Mr. Tom Ryle, but we know everyone was thinking the same as the Cowboys walloped the Rams 44-21.


The game started in such a Cowboys type of way where it looked as though Dak Prescott mucked up his own words when all he needed to say was ‘DEFER’.

Turns out, Dak Prescott clearly says defer but that didn’t stop the goofs in the stripes from making it a storyline until halftime.

New week, new kicker, and Kai Forbath’s debut in Dallas is not off to a great start...

No damage is done though as the Cowboys defense does something it hadn’t done often over the last three games, forced a punt. In fact, after the Cowboys punted it back, the defense stopped the Rams once again. Not one stop, but two? What a day?!

On the Cowboys second possession, things just started to feel different for the home team. Dak Prescott put his legs to work, getting seven yards as he ran right past Clay Matthews. Ezekiel Elliott easily converts a third and three, knifing through the Rams defense. That same defense gave the Cowboys another set of downs after a DPI call.

On another third down, this time 3rd and 10, Dak is flushed out of the pocket but he finds his man, Amari Cooper. The throw wasn’t phenomenal but the catch was made and that’s all that matters.

Just a few plays later, the Cowboys face yet another 3rd and 10, at the Rams 19. Once again, the throw wasn’t spectacular but that catch though? Take a bow, Jason Witten.

Even Odell Beckham would be proud of that one:

With that catch, Jason Witten trails Dez Bryant by one touchdown on the Cowboys All-Time TD Leaderboard:

Kai Forbath’s PAT is good and the Cowboys take a 7-0 lead on a 15-play drive that lasted over six minutes. The Rams get the ball back with less than two-minutes in the first quarter.


The Rams would even up the score quickly with two 20+ yard catch-and-runs by Josh Reynolds and Tyler Higbee. Those gains helped set up an easy pitch to Todd Gurley for the equalizer:

The Rams responded in just eight plays but the Cowboys next response took only three...

Tavon Austin didn’t even need to turn on the jets as he scores an easy 59-yard walk-in touchdown.

The Cowboys defense would run the Rams off the field in just three plays but a phenomenal punt sets Dallas up at their own three-yard line. So, obviously the Cowboys make quick work of it... thank you Blake Jarwin for the 20-yard spot.

Tony Pollard busted open his first of several big runs with 25 yards here:

At the 2:00 minute warning, Ezekiel Elliott punches it in and the Cowboys extend their lead to 14.

Desperately needing something good to happen, Ram QB Jared Goff does the opposite and Sean Lee plucks the ball from the sky, Lee’s first interception in two years. *Cue Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”...

With :20 seconds left in the half, Ezekiel Elliott makes an encore appearance and the rout is on for the Cowboys, up 28-7 at halftime. Who would have thought this was possible?

Back to that weird coin-flip fiasco though... Walt Anderson, you better make it right!


The Cowboys escape some officiating nonsense to keep the ball rolling. Though they don’t get in the end zone, their first possession of the second-half still ends with points. Atta boy, Kai Forbath, drilling the 50-yarder. Cowboys up 31-7

The Rams needing to get anything going in the right direction, keep taking the wrong turn, right into the arms of Sean Lee - sack! Everyone is fired up in Cowboys Nation after the third-down sack by The General.

The Cowboys are forced to punt for just the second time this game. However, Jared Goff is just out of sorts as the Rams offense wastes another possession, turning it over on downs.

Dallas elects to keep the ball on the ground as Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard eat up more yards to close out the third quarter.


At the start of the final quarter. Kai Bloodbath adds three more points with a 42-yard field goal.

A legend is brewing for the great Kai...

:30 seconds into the fourth quarter, Jourdan Lewis takes matters into his own hands as he notches his fourth sack on the year:

What is happening in this game, for real? This is more than just an incredible performance, the Cowboys had nothing but pride riding on this one and they delivered.

Forbath drills another 42-yard field goal and how nice is it to see consistent field goal kicking? Kai Forbath was the right kind of guy for the kicking game.

The Rams don’t come to life until the Cowboys defense starts playing prevent. LA would get Gurley into the end zone and pick up the two-point conversion but this one is not even close to a game.

In fact, the Cowboys put in Cooper Rush to signify calling off the dogs with three minutes to play. Unfortunately for LA, the Cowboys left one dog still in there...

Another second on the day, Forbath added another kickoff snafu... but he does make the field goals, so let’s calm down.

How bad was this day for the Rams and Jared Goff? So bad, that even in garbage time, it ends on a sour note:

Cowboys win big, 44-21, we saw everything we had been begging them for. The passion, the drive, the energy, the focus led this team to victory over a pretty good football team. As good as this felt, it means nothing if they don’t handle the next goal:

Just do what you do, Jason Garrett!

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