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Jason Garrett had one of his finest hours against the Los Angeles Rams

Credit where credit is due for Jason Garrett.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be clear. Nothing has changed.

The Dallas Cowboys had an impressive win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, the first this season for the Cowboys that came over a team with a winning record. Impressive might not be a strong enough word, actually. It was total domination over the reigning NFC Champions and head coach that the world decided (in many fair ways) was the next great thing.

Of course, the fact that the Cowboys got their first win over a quality team in Week 15 is the problem, right? Not to be totally negative on such a great day, but that fact still exists. Just because the Cowboys beat the Rams does not change the three-game losing streak that they were on right before it and everything that we saw throughout it.

All of that being said... Jason Garrett did an incredible job on Sunday.

Jason Garrett deserves credit for the Rams game (and that’s it right now)

The Cowboys don’t need to make any decisions about Jason Garrett’s future after any particular game, and the Rams game is certainly no different than any before it. Things were really bad for the Cowboys and suddenly they’re sort of okay again.

After all, this team can win the division with a win next week, right? Of course so much of that, almost all of it, is the quality of the division so it’s hard to assign credit for being in a lucky spot and that’s why nobody is doing that. Jason Garrett deserves credit for how his team played against the Los Angeles Rams. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Sean Lee, who turned the clock all the way back, said after the game that Jason Garrett gave an incredible speech on Saturday night. Lee noted that it was one of the best speeches he’s ever heard from Garrett (we all know what a speaker Garrett can be) and considering that he also reportedly showed the team highlights of their past in the lead-up to this game, it’s clear that he dug deep to prepare his team. It worked.

Dak Prescott added after the game that Jason Garrett’s speech had something to do with baseball (remember the 17” slogan?!), but the context of it isn’t important. What matters is that things like this, videos and speeches, are moments that tend to generate eye rolls but they cashed in a big win for the Cowboys. Give Garrett credit for that.

Again, nobody is saying that Jason Garrett should be back next season. But what is fair to say is that his team was in the funk of all funks and he managed to reach down and yank them out of it in a game that wasn’t all too consequential for them against a team fighting for their season. That’s impressive.

This whole experience has, in many ways, felt like the day after Thanksgiving where you’re still visiting with family and decide to continue eating like crazy because it’s the weekend. The diet can start Monday.

The rest of the 2019 season - however long it goes - is that weekend for the Cowboys. On the Monday that is the offseason we can get on the treadmill of coaching searches and jump on the diet of re-tooling schemes and what not, but for now the food is there and so are we.

Enjoy it. Serve yourself seconds. Jason Garrett did with his team on Sunday and it worked out quite well.

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