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We need to talk about Jason Witten’s one-handed touchdown some more

Gold. Jacket. Witt.

Late in the first quarter of their matchup with the Los Angeles Rams, the Dallas Cowboys drove down into the redzone but faced third and 10 on the 19-yard line. The game was still scoreless, but that was about to change.

They came out in a 2x2 set with tight end Jason Witten lined up as the slot receiver to the right, Amari Cooper lined up outside of him, and running back Ezekiel Elliott offset to that side.

Witten came in short motion to tighten his alignment then took an inside release on the snap.

This play is an example of a flood concept; which involves a vertical press, a short out-route, and a deeper out-route.

Cooper ran vertically towards the end zone while Elliot ran an arrow to the flat. This left Witten to run the deeper out-route between the two routes.

Dak Prescott put the ball just behind Witten, who made an incredible one-handed grab before rumbling into the endzone for the score.

This was an incredible play by Witten that helped to get the ball rolling on the Cowboys 44-21 win over the Rams and is this week’s Cowboys Play of the Game.

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