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Jason Garrett says Dak Prescott likely won’t throw today and that they are just working to get him healthy

The latest on the Cowboys from Jason Garrett.

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Yesterday coach Jason Garrett surprised with some injury news. Let’s see if he has anything new/updates on Tyron Smith and Dak Prescott. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dak Prescott won’t throw much on Thursday

Jason Garrett said that he felt rest was the best thing right now. He did say Dak was progressing but they are just trying to get through today.

Tyron Smith can see out of his eye

The Cowboys anticipate him practicing on Thursday. Jason Garrett declined to get into the specifics, he said the injury is in the “stye family.”

What do they like about Cooper Rush

Coach noted that Rush was undrafted but earned his way onto the roster and they they like him a lot. He complimented his smart play and instincts, and that he’s a better athlete and has a better arm than he is given credit for.

Fletcher Cox is really good

Jason Garrett noted that Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is a very good player that they are going to have to account for. Coach complimented his size and speed, his physical nature and his great technique. He discussed how Cox receives a lot of attention each week but still produces.

Joe Thomas and Sean Lee

Thomas probably won’t do much today but Lee may do a little more than yesterday.

Comfort level of playing Dak without any practice

Garrett said that they deal with things like this all the time, players not being able to practice as much as they’d like and still playing. He complimented Dak’s total knowledge and command of the offense so that the best thing right now for him is to make sure he is healthy.

Third quarterback active for game

Coach said they are just getting through each day, seeing how things progress, they aren’t making any decisions right now.

Outside practice

Dallas will practice outside on Thursday and Jason Garrett noted part of this is to get ready for the grass field that they’ll see in Philadelphia.

Miles Sanders

Jason Garrett noted that they thought Miles Sanders was a good football player coming out of Penn State and that he has done well as the season has progressed.

Malcolm Smith’s progress

Garrett noted that he’s a vet and has played in the system before but there would be nuances to learn and that they are trying to maximize his opportunities of learning them. He is spending extra time with the coaches etc.

Dak’s finger

Jason Garrett said that those injuries to Dak Prescott’s finger don’t appear to be an issue anymore.

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