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Pro Football Hall of Fame Centennial Class finalists include four prominent Dallas Cowboys

The Hall of Fame class for this year is a little different.

NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Back in the summer, long before the 2019 season began, the Pro Football Hall of Fame prepared for a proper way to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season.

This has been the first triple-digit season that the National Football League has played and as a result we have all seen tons of branding for that at every turn. To cap it all off it had previously been discussed that the NFL could expand the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class to a larger group.

There are rules and limitations as far as how many people can be selected to the Hall every year, the announcement always comes the night before the Super Bowl, but with it being the 100th season there was talk of a “Centennial Class” that would be a one-time only sort of thing that could serve as an opportunity to get in players that have had trouble breaking through.

Why would a player have trouble, you ask? Well there isn’t really a great answer. There are a lot of players that we all feel should be in the Hall above others, many of them are Dallas Cowboys, but this isn’t a perfect science. Nominations are a subjective thing handled by a group of established voters and often times they believe in putting someone in over someone else. It’s an unfortunate reality.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the Centennial Class finalists and there are four prominent members of America’s Team represented: Jimmy Johnson, Cliff Harris, Drew Pearson, and Clint Murchison.

Drew Pearson feels like the most worthy, no disrespect to Captain Crash or Jimmy or Mr. Murchison, but the terrifying thing here is that it feels like now or never for so many of these people. While the gates are being opened a bit wider than in years past this is still a limited process so we’ll be needing to cross our fingers to see if they’re able to get in.

Who do you think gets in?

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