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Dak Prescott says he’s playing on Sunday versus the Eagles

The Cowboys QB says he’s a go.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There was already enough drama in Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and the Eagles as it was basically an NFC East championship game. Dak Prescott’s shoulder decided to add just a bit more drama. When Jason Garrett stepped to the mic during his Wednesday press conference, he dropped a bomb when announced that Prescott had hurt his shoulder in the Rams game and would be limited in practice. Through two practices, Prescott has been limited and has not attempted any throws.

Despite all that, Prescott says he’s a go for Sunday.

“I’ll be good to go Sunday,” Prescott said Thursday.

“I’m getting better, simple as that,” Prescott said. “Mobility, function of it, it’s all improving. That’s the key. That’s the goal.”

The Cowboys QB said he had no problem playing with it during the Rams game.

“It happened early in the game and I was fine, played throughout the whole second half without it being a problem, without it being an issue,” he said. “And I expect the same this Sunday.”

He also contends that he has played with injuries that were more painful in the past and that he dealt with similar things about every other week when he was at Mississippi State. He calls the pain from this injury “annoying” and not on the level of pain he’s played with before. There is still the possibility that he will get a pain-killer injection for the game but he doesn’t plan to wear any extra protection on the shoulder.

Despite all the good sounding proclamations from Prescott, the real proof of his ability to play will come over the weekend.

Prescott has not taken a snap in practice the past two days and he has yet to attempt to throw, but he said he might try to do that Friday or definitely on Saturday before the Cowboys fly to Philadelphia for the de facto NFC East championship game at Lincoln Financial Field. He said he will go through a full workout before the game to test his arm.

Prescott has been involved in all facets or preparation this week except for actually throwing passes. If everything goes to plan, he’ll be doing that part on Sunday.

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