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A deeper look at one big play by Jourdan Lewis against the Bills

He can blitz quite well.

The Cowboys have a tremendous amount of pass-rushing talent on the defensive line, but it was a sack by a defensive back that was this the play of the game for the team against the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo had the lead and the ball as the second half began and drove quickly into Cowboys territory. The defense needed to do something quickly to prevent a touchdown.

On 1st and 10 from the Dallas 20, Frank Gore was tackled for a loss, but it was the next play that would really push the Bills back and force them to settle for a field goal.

The Bills came out in the shotgun with two receivers lined up tightly on either side of the formation. The Cowboys overloaded their defensive line away from the single-back, Devin Singletary. It was this defensive alignment that made the sack happen.

DeMarcus Lawrence lined up outside of right tackle Cody Ford, rushing the edge.

Christian Covington lined up basically head-up on center Mitch Morse. Although Covington rushed the A-Gap opposite of the blitz, this alignment forced Morse to block Covington initially.

This left only one blocker on the right side of the Bills’ offensive line, right guard Jon Felciano.

Felciano pass-set to protect the B-gap from Kerry Hyder who was aligned in a 3-technique, but when Hyder stunted into the A-gap, he stayed engaged. This left no one to block slot-cornerback Jourdan Lewis.

Lewis aligned over the number two receiver, but since the formation was so compact, he was able to quickly blitz the B-gap.

Morse eventually came off of his block on Covington and engaged with Hyder, but Felciano never came off to pick up the blitzer.

Lewis brought down Bills quarterback Josh Allen for an 11-yard loss. This put the Bills in an insurmountable third down situation and they came away from the drive with only three points.

This was a simple, but well designed blitz run at an opportune time and is this week’s Cowboys Play of the Game.

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