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Jason Garrett discusses Dak Prescott, Tyron Smith injuries, and Michael Bennett being offsides

Coach Garrett holds his last press conference of the week.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Cowboys will be heading to Philadelphia this weekend, but before they go they have one more practice and one more press conference. Let’s see what Jason Garrett had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dak Prescott will be limited, don’t anticipate a full practice

Jason Garrett noted that if Dak Prescott throws at all that it won’t be much.

Saturday is still TBD

Dak had previously said that he would throw on Saturday, Jason Garrett said that they would take it day by day.

No shield for Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith was reportedly going to go through Thursday’s practice with a visor of sorts. Jason Garrett said that ultimately it wasn’t necessary and that his understanding is you have to have a medical reason to wear one during games. He said Smith did well in practice.

Benefit of Byron Jones against this Eagles team

Philadelphia doesn’t exactly have a lot of great wide receivers on their team which means they will be leaning on one of the league’s best tight ends, Zach Ertz, even more than usual. Byron Jones has a lot of history in covering tight ends, Ertz included, and Jason Garrett noted that this is a good thing to have at their disposal.

Sometimes guys are offsides

Michael Bennett has come under fire for how frequently he is typically offsides. Garrett noted that happens sometimes with impact players on the defensive line but that you would like to have the impact without the penalties and they will work on that.

Sean Lee/Joe Thomas status

Coach doesn’t anticipate Lee doing much today, but Lee has been taking Friday’s off on a regular basis this season. He also said they don’t expect Joe Thomas to do much today.

CJ Goodwin status

Coach said he’s doing a little more each day and it’s not the pain that’s a problem it is being functional in the cast.

Thoughts on Kai Forbath

Garrett said they will be in tune with Forbath based on the conditions in Philly about where he wants to kick from (hashmarks) and how far he can kick. He said this is normal no matter where they play and the Forbath is a veteran that has kicked in all kinds of conditions.

It’s hard to replicate winters in the northeast

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys live in Texas so it can often be difficult to replicate conditions from NFC East cities but that they do everything that they can in order to do so.

Will Saturday be any different because of Dak’s situation?

Jason Garrett said he doesn’t anticipate this to be the case.

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