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Are you ready to believe in the Cowboys after last week’s win?

Don’t be afraid to love again.

The Dallas Cowboys have hurt us all before. There is no running from that.

There are many of us that have allowed ourselves to believe in them after times got tough. Winning cures all as they say, and often times just one win can be enough to rope you back in.

Are you there after last week’s thrashing of the Los Angeles Rams? It feels like the general answer is no. Perhaps were too scarred, we’ve been too hurt, the Cowboys have been too bad, that even a dominating win over the reigning NFC Champions isn’t enough to stir up a large level of confidence right before a clinching matchup. That makes sense.

We discussed the temperature of things surrounding the Cowboys on the latest video that we put out at the BTB YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our recaps, game breakdowns, film reviews, and much more.

Don’t be afraid to believe. Unless you are.

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