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There are only two losers from the latest Dallas Cowboys loss... head coach Jason Garrett and all of us

The decade was wasted.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Think about these players.

Jason Witten, Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith, Dan Bailey, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, DeMarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott.

All of those players played, or are still playing, a majority or all of their career for the Dallas Cowboys with Jason Garrett as their head coach. There are arguments to be made that a majority of these names could one day decorate the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. Yet here we sit, with a decade ending and another bitter end to a Dallas Cowboys season.

Sure, the season is still alive. And to be fair, it’s not like anybody really thought this team was going to win the Super Bowl. But reality is setting in. The cement is drying. It’s more probable than not, shout out New England Patriots, that the Dallas Cowboys will - for the first time in franchise history - go consecutive decades without even appearing in an NFC Championship Game.

Enough has been enough for a long time

The Cowboys lost in embarrassing fashion to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. They were humiliated. I mean, this was a game in which their entire season was on the line (not to mention Jason Garrett’s job security), and they didn’t even manage to score a single touchdown. How is that possible?

Dallas boasts two different 1,000-yard receivers, a 1,000-yard rusher, and a 4,000-yard passer; however, they are under .500 through all but one game in the regular season. That sounds so impossible to do.

We are past the point of second, third, and 500th chances, this is a roster that has been hyped up, overvalued, properly valued, underrated, and ultimately a letdown for longer than is acceptable.

What else is there even left to say at this point?

Seriously imagine that you are Jason Garrett for a second and that you have to defend both the Eagles game and season as a whole. What is there that you can say with a straight face?

There is failing and then there is what is happening to the 2019 Dallas Cowboys. It’s not even fair to say that they can’t get out of their own way. This team finds ways to destroy the way in front of them and then forget the steps they even took to get to the way in the first place. They are, and have been, a disaster in many ways that only points in one direction.

It was well-documented that the Eagles came into this game beat up and porous. Much like has been the case all season, the Cowboys were incapable of capitalizing on those weaknesses. They relied on the things they believed that they could do well and arrogantly stuck them all the way to the end. There is no defending that.

7-8. This is where we are. This is where we’ve been. We know this road well, unfortunately.

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